Mohamed Al-Menfi Appointed Head of Libya’s Presidential Council


Mohamed Al-Menfi was elected as the new Head of Libya’s Presidential Council, while Hamid Dabeiba was named as the new Prime Minister, the United National Support Nation Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced on Friday.

The transitional government will lead the country until general elections scheduled for 24 December 2021. The Presidential Council consists of Al-Menfi and three Deputies, namely Musa Al-Koni, AbdAllah Hussein Al-Lafi, and Prime Minister Dabeiba.

The winning list received 39 votes out of 74. All candidates had failed to obtain 70% of the required votes during the first stage, earlier this week. A second stage was organised on Friday, with a list system.

UNSMIL Acting Head, Stephanie Williams explained that this government must now obtain the confidence of Parliament within 21 days.

“The next Libyan government must achieve social justice…and abide by the road map and hold elections on time,” Williams said. She stressed the need for the upcoming government to adhere to the ceasefire agreement, and ensure the withdrawal of mercenaries from the country.