Ageela Saleh Urges Withdrawal of Foreign Forces from Libya


On Monday, Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Ageela Saleh reiterated his support for the upcoming National Unity Government (NUG) that is set to lead the country to the 24 December elections, expel all foreign fighters from Libya, and resume national reconciliation.

In press statements, Saleh stressed that completing the formation of the Presidency Council and the NUG, “reaffirms the principle of full partnership and shared responsibility.”

“We have engaged in the political process with a view to leading our nation to peace and a comprehensive political settlement that will pave the way for having a unified political authority and government,” he said.

The Speaker called for the immediate removal of foreign forces from Libya, unification of the country’s institutions, and allowing the Libyan people the opportunity to participate in rebuilding the country. “We are looking forward to coordinating efforts with the upcoming executive authority for the benefit of the Libyan people who have been suffering from a severe lack of essential services for years.”

He confirmed that his proposal to turn Sirte into the temporary headquarters for the new Presidential Council isn’t a political attempt to draw attention away from the capital Tripoli, but in fact, “it is an urgent need to avoid further divisions among the Libyan people.”

Saleh explained that choosing Sirte will allow bridges of confidence and communication to be extended between the rival parties, emphasising that the proposal aims only to preserve the political agreement, implement its provisions, and avoid possible failure. He also thanked the residents of Tobruk, who embraced the sensitive security conditions with the support of the tribes.