Al-Mnifi Pledges to Unify Libyan Army & Achieve National Reconciliation


On Friday, the Head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mnifi, pledged to pave the way for the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC), in order to unify the Libyan Army.

In a televised speech, Al-Mnifi said that the effort will be focused on establishing the national reconciliation process by creating its structures and providing its requirements and conditions.

He congratulated the Libyan people for granting confidence to the Government of National Unity (GNU) in a historic session at the House of Representatives (HoR), after a long split.

“We will also spare no effort in working with the GNU to create the appropriate conditions in order for it to quickly and immediately proceed to address the necessary files, such as COVID-19 and security,” Al-Mnifi said.

He called on the international community to implement and abide by the Security Council resolutions. This includes putting an end to negative foreign interference as well as implementing an arms embargo on Libya. He also called on all countries to preserve the frozen Libyan funds and assets abroad.

The Libyan leader also pledged to hold the next presidential elections as scheduled on December 24th 2021.