Libyan Parliament: All Mercenaries & Foreign Forces Must Withdraw from Libya


On Saturday, the Foreign Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), stressed the need for foreign forces to leave the country, which is stipulated in the roadmap outlined by the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) held in Geneva and Tunis.

In a statement, the committee stressed that the departure of all foreign forces out of Libya is a necessary and important step for the success of political talks that aim at restoring peace and stability, preserving national unity, and paving the way for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for December 24th.

It also hailed the speech of Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush, before the Italian Parliament, regarding the necessity of removing all mercenaries and foreign forces from the country.

In addition, it denounced attempts of some Libyan authorities to illegally justify the presence of foreign forces in Libya, saying that this will run counter to the political dialogue and drag the country to more conflicts and fighting.

It also urged the United Nations (UN) and all international partners to abide by the outcomes of political dialogue and work to remove all mercenaries from the country as soon as possible.

On Friday, Al-Mangoush stressed the need for “foreign forces” to withdraw from her country.

During a press conference with her Italian counterpart in Rome on Thursday, she called on “illegitimate foreign military forces” to leave Libya in a way that allows for holding elections in secure conditions.

She urged the need to activate the outcomes of the Berlin conference to review the means to implement the ceasefire in Libya.