Libyan Army in AlKufra: No Foreign Forces Have Crossed into Libya


On Sunday, the Kufra Military Region stated that the information circulated on social media pages regarding an attempt by enemies to enter the territory, is false.

The Information Office of the Kufra Military Region, through its official Facebook account, stated that under the direct supervision of the district commander, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, several night patrols were dispatched, and one of these patrols was personally led by the district commander.

The media office in the region indicated that matters in the city are fine, stressing that the rumours are inaccurate.

The Commander of the Kufra Military Region, Major General Al-Mabrouk Al-Lender, raised the level of readiness for all military units of the ground and air forces. He equipped them with the necessary capabilities to preserve the security and stability of the region.

Land and air patrols on the borders were assigned, as well as stations of the fighting company at the As Sarra airbase. Patrols have been spread on the borders with Chad.