Deputy Head of Presidential Council Shows Support for Residents of Southern Libya


On Friday, the Deputy Head of the Libya’s Presidential Council, Mousa Al-Kouni, met with mayors of the municipalities of the southern region, and discussed the security situation.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of Ubari municipality. The meeting dealt with reviewing the needs of the citizens, and the living and service conditions in South of Libya.

During the visit, Al-Koni stressed the Presidential Council’s keenness to communicate with the people in the region and listen to their demands, in a way that supports the work to achieve the benefits of the phase.

“The time has come to support the people of Fezzan,” he tweeted after the meeting.

ِWednesday Al-Kouni said that he will discuss the unification of the army with military leaders. “We have accomplished a lot in the file of unifying state institutions and we are working on the unification of the military and financial institutions,” he said in a press conference held in Tripoli, before heading to the South.

Al-Kouni expressed concern about the continued division within Libya’s army, citing the reason for the delay of unification as “a lack of trust” between the two parties. He warned that the two warring parties still had their hands “on the trigger.”

He has called on Parliament to expedite the approval of the 2021 state’s general budget, “to allow the Government of National Unity (GNU) to carry out its tasks.” He affirmed the importance of holding the general elections as scheduled for December 24th, saying it is the “supreme goal that we all strive for.”