LNA Spokesman Warns Against Spoilers & “Fake News”


The Spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said there are parties in Libya that do not want reconciliation and the peaceful transfer of power, but instead seek the continuation of chaos in the country. He explained that these “traitors” spread sedition by deception and hate speech.

“Libya is on the brink of important historical events. After years of war on terror and crime led by the LNA, Libyan people want peace and national reconciliation … and a prosperous and stable country,” Al-Mismari posted on Facebook.

He stressed that the “main goal” in the near future is to hold presidential and parliamentary elections”. Every day we find dozens of false publications and fake news to discredit the Libyan National Army,” Al-Mismari said, adding that, any attempt to discredit the LNA is “doomed to fail.”
This comes as several media outlets spread fake news claiming the LNA head Khalifa Haftar has been admitted to the hospital.

Earlier, the LNA said it supports holding the national elections on time.