Al-Mismari Accuses Muslim Brotherhood of Sebha Attack


On Tuesday, the official Spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari strongly condemned the suicide attack on the security checkpoint in Sebha. He said that it was an attempt by terrorist organizations, and the Muslim Brotherhood to obstruct the holding of the upcoming December elections.

In press statements, Al-Mismari refused to accept that IS claimed responsibility for the bombing, “we are waiting for the results of the investigations in the Sebha military region over the terror attack.”

He indicated that the southern region has been controlled by Takfiri groups since 2011, noting that those groups have many camps in neighbouring Chad.

Meanwhile, he confirmed that the LNA “has dealt heavy blows to those terrorist groups in southern Libya. Since 2018 we have succeeded in eliminating many takfiris in Libya.”

Al-Mismari alleged that these takfiri groups and the Muslim Brotherhood want to regain control of Sebha, and the southern region. He added that they have loyalists in the south who provide them with food and transportation.

The Spokesman warned youths not to be drawn into campaigns being launched by the brotherhood’s social media outlets, to hinder the holding of the country’s general elections.