Kubis: LPDF Members Will Not Leave Geneva before Reaching Decision


On Monday, Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Jan Kubis, said it is unfortunate that the Libyan Parliament was not up to the task entrusted to it, which is to approve the constitutional rule. He added that no progress has been made so far despite the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s (LPDF) efforts to develop a proposal for the constitutional rule.

In a speech addressing the members of the LPDF in Geneva, Kubis added, “time is not on your side, as there are only 179 days left to reach the elections, and no progress has been made so far despite the efforts of the Legal Committee to develop a proposal for the constitutional rule.”

“The forum’s deliberations will be referred to the Libyan Parliament and the High State Council (HSC) to give them their last chance to assume their responsibilities. The advisory committee has reached opinions that can serve as a basis for your deliberations, and as a basis for laying down a constitutional basis. Also, the departure of the forum’s members from Switzerland without a decision is out of the question and there is no room for further delay.”

The UN envoy explained that the presidential and parliamentary elections must take place in accordance with the roadmap and be accepted by all. “The future and sovereignty of Libya cannot be in the hands of those who put their personal interest at the expense of the country,” he added.


  1. […] + 29.06.: Verfassung/Kubis/LPDF. Der UN-Sondergesandte für Libyen, Jan Kubis, sagte, dass die Bemühungen des Libyschen Politischen Dialogforums (LPDF) in Genf, einen Vorschlag für eine Verfassungsgrundlage auszuarbeiten, bisher keine Fortschritte erzielten. Er verwies darauf, dass nur mehr 179 Tage bis zur Wahl blieben. Kubis: „Die Abreise der Mitglieder des LPDFs aus der Schweiz ohne eine Entscheidung kommt nicht in Frage. Es gibt keinen Raum für weitere Verzögerungen.“https://libyareview.com/14513/kubis-lpdf-members-will-not-leave-geneva-before-reaching-decision/ […]

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