Over 2.7 Million Voters Register for Libya’s Upcoming Elections


On Saturday, Libya’s Higher National Electoral Commission (HNEC) announced that a total of 2,795,458 Libyan voters were registered as of Friday.

In a news release, the HNEC confirmed that the number of newly registered voters reached 455,385 since the opening of the voter registration, indicating that the percentage of registered voters had now reached 52.91%.

It confirmed that registration for voters at home is scheduled to close on August 17th, meanwhile, the registration system for Libyans abroad will start on the 18th of this month.

The commission is preparing to hold presidential and parliamentary elections at the end of this year, according to the road map adopted by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF). However, it faces difficulties with the delay in adopting the delimitation of electoral districts and the distribution of seats.

Earlier this month, the HNEC also denied the existence of a defect in the voter registration system. It explained that there is huge pressure on the commission’s call center as a result of the calls it receives from thousands of citizens, amounting to 12,000 calls per day.