Libyan Health Ministry Confirms ‘Stable’ COVID-19 Situation in Libya


The Libyan Health Minister, Ali Al-Zanati, said the epidemiological situation in the country is stable, denying “rumors” about the increase in registered cases infected with COVID-19, and the lack of oxygen in isolation centres.

Al-Zanati visited the isolation centre in the Benghazi Medical Centre in the East of the country on Thursday. He was briefed on the work processs and epidemiological situation there.

He also directed officials at the Ministry to “speed up the provision of equipment and supplies needed by the Benghazi Medical Centre, and to develop urgent solutions to all the problems that the center suffers from.”

Official data records a daily decline in the numbers of COVID-19 infections, after the numbers jumped remarkably during the past two weeks.

According to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the total number of confirmed cases reached 303,790 cases, including 82,001 active cases, and 4,165 deaths. It noted that more than one million citizens have received the vaccine.

On Wednesday, the Health Ministry launched an expanded vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Benghazi. Minister Al-Zanati stressed the need to receive the vaccine “because it is the only way to permanently eliminate the virus, and contributes to improving the epidemiological situation in Libya in general.”


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