Medical Official Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ COVID-19 Situation in Eastern Libya


On Thursday, the Director-General of the Tobruk Medical Center, Faraj Al-Jali, warned of the dangerous situation in the city due to the spread of COVID-19.

Al-Jali described the situation as “catastrophic”, and said it was “getting out of control.” He called on the security forces to prevent overcrowding in the isolation centers inside the medical center.

He also called on the authorities to implement precautionary measures in schools, mosques, shops, markets, and restaurants. As well as limit mixing at social events, banks, public squares, and urged citizens to vaccinate against the virus

Tobruk and its surrounding areas are witnessing a surge in cases, due to citizens’ lack of interest in social distancing measures, rejection of wearing masks, in addition to a reluctance to vaccinate.