Sirte Commercial Port Project Contract with Royal Haskoning Cancelled


(Ports Europe)- The Libyan government Spokesman Mohamed Hamuda said the government approved the cancellation of the contract between the Ministry of Transportation and Royal Haskoning International Consulting.

Haskoning is an independent international engineering and project management consultancy headquartered in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

According to the contract, the Dutch company was responsible for the planning and design of the entire port facility, including data collection, specification of additional surveys, planning, and final designs.

In gestation for more than ten years, the Sirte commercial port project was expected to deliver a new structure that would serve as an additional hub. It would back onto the old fishing port, on the Libyan coast for import-export and transshipments.

The new structure will have a 3,000-meter quay for a final capacity of around 8 million tonnes per year and mooring facilities with arrangements for containers, multipurpose/general cargo, bulk import (grain, etc.), and cruise ships.

The site previously underwent seabed dredging on a volume of 30.000 m³, underwater embankment construction on a volume of 550.000 m³, underwater construction of crushed stone layer on 7.000 m² surfaces, and placement of 1900 concrete blocks with a nominal weight from 45 to 65 tonnes. This was a courtesy of the Spanopoulos Group, a leading contractor in the marine construction field throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Red Sea.

Recently, British mega energy-services provider Petrofac Ltd. announced that it has won a €100 million euro contract with the Libya Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company.