Libyan FM: Various Foreign Fighters Have Left Libya


On Sunday, the Libyan Foreign Minister, Najlaa Al-Mangoush, confirmed that some foreign fighters have left the country as the interim government seeks to mobilize international support to withdraw the remaining forces.

“The reports are correct. There is a very modest start,” Najla Mangoush said at a news conference in Kuwait, according to Reuters.

“We are still seeking a larger and comprehensive organisation for the exit of mercenaries,” she added.

Notably, the ceasefire agreement between the Libyan warring parties called for all foreign mercenaries to be withdrawn within three months of its being signed last October.

In September, the Head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohammed Al-Minfi, said that the Council would take part in a conference to ensure “unified, consistent” international support and restore a sense of Libyan leadership and ownership over the country’s future.

He also warned of “serious challenges” that could undermine national elections planned for December 24th.

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the number of Syrian mercenaries of different factions of the National Army loyal to Turkey and stationed in Libyan lands, are estimated by 7,000 from Syrian nationals.

It has pointed out to the fact that nearly 10,000 jihadists, mostly Tunisians, were transported from Syria to Libya in 2020.

Recently, The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU) stressed the need for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign fighters and mercenaries from Libya. The PSC also underscored the need to ensure that the withdrawal is conducted in an organized, coordinated and gradual manner.