Euro-Med Concerned over Violence in Libya


The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has expressed its deep concern over the killing of an African migrant and the wounding of others by security forces in Tripoli.

The Libyan security forces launched a crackdown in which thousands of migrants and refugees were arrested in the capital on Friday.

The Eurp-Med Monitor said in a press statement on Monday that it had obtained photos, video clips, and testimonies published by eyewitnesses, documenting the use of excessive violence in dealing with migrants and refugees.

“The use of unjustified violence against migrants and refugees, and the detention of more than 4,000 of them in one day, reflects the grim reality that migrants are living in Libya,” said Youssef Salem, legal researcher at the Euro-Med Monitor.

“The Libyan state has the right to fight crime, narcotics and work to control the security situation in the country, but this does not in any way justify the practice of further persecution against vulnerable migrants and refugees,” the Euro-Med researcher added.

It noted that Prime Minister, Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, has ignored the serious violations committed by the security forces against migrants.

the Euro-Med Monitor called for the opening of an investigation into the serious abuses that accompanied the security campaign in Tripoli, “to ensure that those involved in the killing of an African immigrant are held accountable.”

The statement claimed that a number of arrested migrants are registered with the UNHCR in Libya, and hold official documents. However, the security forces have not respected their legal status, and dealt with them as outlaws.

The Euro-Med monitor urged the Libyan government to release all detained migrants and refugees who are not found guilty.