LNA: All Mercenaries will have Left Libya By End of 2021


On Saturday, Major General Khaled Al-Mahjoub, Director of the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Moral Guidance Department, confirmed that the 5 + 5 Joint Military Commission’s (JMC) established a plan to gradually remove mercenaries from the country. In statements to the Al-Ain News newspaper, he added that this plan includes removing the mercenaries before the next elections on December 24th.

He stated that the remaining period of time, although it is short, is that the plan is set and has specific dates. He noted that the mercenaries will be expelled on time because this has become a local and international demand.

On the possibility of Turkey’s intransigence in refusing to expel its mercenaries, he stressed that this is no longer acceptable, neither internally nor externally. He explained that the United States (US), for example, issued the Libya Stability Law, which is very important and supports the JMC efforts entrusted with the security aspect.

Al-Mahjoub concluded by saying that the removal of mercenaries will ensure that there is no military pressure in conjunction with the elections. He pointed out that the next President will find a suitable ground for action to move Libya away from its ongoing crisis.

Since the 2011 fall of former ruler Moammar Gaddafi, Libya has descended into crises on multiple fronts.

Until recently, the country had essentially been divided between the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), and a rival administration, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who commands the eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA).

Mercenaries and other fighters from outside Libya have reportedly been operating inside the country for years, including some previously involved in the Syrian conflict.