Italy Sets five-Year Plan to Support Libya’s Stability


The Commander-in-Chief of Italy Gendarmerie (Carabinieri), Lieutenant General Teo Luzi said Rome is planning to start new stabilization activities in Libya in the future.

“Despite the fact that the factions continue to be divided, his forces have prepared a five-year plan from 2021 to 2025 to support stability in Libya,” Luzi said during a hearing before the joint foreign and defense committees on the international deployment of his forces.

“We have planned the activities that will be carried out for the benefit of the Libyan security forces within the framework of bilateral cooperation with the Defense Authority,” the Italy Official added.

In July, the Italy Parliament approved the government’s request over the refinancing of the Libyan Coast Guard for the fifth consecutive year. This is despite reports of torture, killings, and more generally the systematic violation of the most basic rights of migrants in Libya.

Since 2017, Rome and Brussels has spent about €1.1 billion euros to finance the Libyan Coast Guard, and the other authorities in Libya.

In September, Italy Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio warned against, “the attempts of some saboteurs who are trying to undermine holding Libya’s elections on time,” according to the NOVA news agency.

Di Maio stated in a television interview that the issue of sending Italian soldiers to Libya was no longer on the table, “as Libya is now at another stage.”

He revealed that the Prime Minister of outgoing Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj has asked Rome to send forces to Tripoli.

“Now we want to remove foreign forces such as Turkish and foreign mercenaries deployed in the country,” Di Maio explained.

“Today, Libya no longer needs military forces, but rather the 24 December elections,” he added.

The Italian FM expressed his readiness to support Libya on holding the elections, adding that Rome is working with the United Nations to ensure the elections are held on time.