UN Security Council to Discuss Libya


On Thursday, the UN Security Council’s Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs announced that it would hold a session on 26 May.

It is set to discuss the protection of civilians in conflicts and food security in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Ukraine, and Middle East.

In a recent report, the council stated it was concerned about the instability in Libya, and the spectre of a return to civil war. It noted other concerns about the flow of arms, fighters, and migrants to Europe. As well as how the country can equitably benefit from its oil wealth.

According to the report, the political situation in Libya is becoming increasingly complex, and the search for a special envoy to lead the UN Mission (UNSMIL) remains ongoing.

The report also dealt with the difficulties encountered in renewing UNSMIL’s mandate, until 31 July. The vote was unanimous, yet the negotiations were contentious. Members held differing views regarding the term of office (the United Kingdom proposed, a twelve-month renewal).

Prior to its adoption on 29 April, the council had previously renewed the mandate three times, on a short-term basis since September 2021. This was again due to disagreements regarding the length of the mandate, the restructuring of the mission, and the language related to the appointment of the mission.