Libyan Diplomats Under Investigation for Corruption


The Libyan Attorney General has summoned financial controllers of the Libyan Embassies in Burundi and Rwanda for investigation, according to the Libyan News Agency (LANA).

The diplomats are suspected of involvement in corruption regarding unauthorised financial transfers from the two embassies.

They have been kept under investigation based on the arrest warrant issued by the Investigations Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office, LANA reported.

The Foreign Ministry has assigned a committee to travel to Rwanda and Burundi, in order to take the necessary measures to help investigate the incident.

Earlier this month, the Attorney General ordered the pretrial detention of the Libyan Ambassador to Italy, Omar Al-Tarhouni on charges of “infringing on medical supplies allocated for Libyans coming to Italy to receive treatment there.”

In a statement, the Attorney General’s office stated that the Public Prosecution addressed the complaints filed by families of children sent for treatment in Italian hospitals, against members of the Libya mission in Rome. The Public Prosecutor discussed the circumstances regarding the “sale of medical supplies for personal benefit,” by Embassy staff.

The statement indicated that the Ambassador is being charged with “abuse of power, deliberately harming public money, and involvement in improper financial gain.”

In April, The Libyan General Attorney’s Office revealed several corruption cases in the healthcare sector, estimated at 300 million Libyan dinars. It said in a statement on Sunday, that this occurred during the 2017 to 2020 period.

The state offers free hospitalization to its citizens. The Ministry of Health contracts with private hospitals to provide the required medical care for patients. However, some of the hospitals submitted receipts that, “do not correspond to reality and are exaggerated.”