Egypt-Germany Discuss Latest Developments in Libya


Egyptian President, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discussed joint efforts to settle the crisis in Libya.

The two leaders also stressed the need to limit foreign interference in Libya, as well as “stabilise the situation in a comprehensive and integrated manner, that addresses all aspects of the Libyan crisis.” The two parties also noted the need to eliminate terrorism in Libya, and preserve the state’s resources and national institutions.

El-Sisi praised the important role played by Germany in resolving the Libyan crisis through the two Berlin Conferences, explaining that Egypt is a “leading” partner of the European Union in this issue.

On Saturday, El-Sisi and the US President, Joe Biden stressed the need to hold simultaneous Presidential and Parliamentary elections as soon as possible in Libya. They underscored the need to implement this, following the United Nations Security Council resolutions 2570, 2571 (2021).

This came during a meeting between the two leaders in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia according to a statement published by the White House.

They emphasised the importance of the full withdrawal of all foreign forces, mercenaries, foreign fighters, and the pivotal role of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee (JMC) in this regard, including the prompt development of timelines.

On Monday, First Deputy Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Fawzi Al-Nuwari and German Ambassador to Libya, Michael Unmacht met in Tripoli, where they reviewed the crisis in Libya.

They discussed the latest political developments in Libya, a number of outstanding issues, and ways to address them. The two officials also discussed holding Presidential and Parliamentary elections as soon as possible, in order to achieve the demand of the Libyan people. As well as ways to achieve stability in Libya, and reach a settlement with the aim of holding elections.