Guerini: Libya Country Of “Primary Interest” for Italy


Italian Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini stated that Libya was a country of “primary interest” for Italy. This was during the joint Foreign and Defense Commissions of the Chamber and Senate, referring not only to the energy sector, but also to issues relevant to Italian security.

According to Guerini, Libya is a “terminal of the phenomena of instability and illicit trafficking that emanate from the Sahel region.” The minister cited “the continuing presence of foreign mercenaries and militias”, and “the new political-institutional stalemate, which could be a harbinger of new conflicts and clashes between the various factions,” as concerning elements.

He explained that Rome’s military engagements are exemplified by its assistance mission Miasit, and by the naval missions “Safe Sea”, at the national level, and “IRINI”, within the European Union.

On Monday, the Italian Foreign Ministry’s Special Envoy to Libya, Nicolae Orlando held a “thorough and constructive” telephone call with Libya’s Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha.

Orlando said in a statement that they agreed that all actions that could lead to instability and violence should be avoided “I stressed the priority of elections, and the urgency of a unified and inclusive executive to get there. I also noted that all key stakeholders should put Libya before their own interests,” he added.

The Italian diplomat also reiterated that the neutrality of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) and other Sovereign state positions “should be preserved and national resources used in a transparent and equitable way.”