Libyan Delegations Thank Morocco for Holding Meeting


The two rival Libyan delegations, from the eastern-based Parliament and the Tripoli-based High Council of State, expressed their gratitude to “the Kingdom of Morocco, King, people and government for the warm welcome and good hospitality.”

They added that they appreciated “The sincere willingness of the Kingdom of Morocco to create an appropriate fraternal atmosphere to find a solution to the Libyan crisis, reach a consensus, ensure the political and economic stability of Libya, end the suffering of the Libyan people, and make it possible to move towards the building of a strong and stable state.”

They also stressed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, expressed the Kingdom’s willingness to help Libyans reach a viable consensus, that would return Libya to safety and end the suffering of its people. The two delegations thanked friendly countries and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) for their efforts to achieve stability in the country.

The meetings between the Parliament and the High Council of State were held to discuss the restructuring of sovereign institutions and the appointment of new officials at their helm. The delegations also spoke about the development of a specific mechanism to unify the state’s financial and economic institutions. The Libyan Parliament’s delegation included five deputies: Essam Al-Juhani, Misbah Douma, Idris Omran, Youssef Al-Agouri, and Adel Mawloud. The delegation of the High Council of State included Fawzi Al-Oqab, Ali Al-Shuwaih, Abdel-Salam Al-Safrani, and Muhammad Naji.