Macron Preparing New Meeting to Solve Libyan Crisis


On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that he wanted to gather Libya’s neighbours to help find a solution to the conflict.

“This is the initiative that France wishes to lead in the coming weeks, in conjunction with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. We will be bringing together all the neighbouring countries, to help bring about the Libyan solution. This re-engagement of the Libyan neighbourhood is essential in the long-term,” he said in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Macron did not elaborate on the details, nor did he name which countries he wanted to involve in the talks.

Macron also said he was ready for dialogue with Turkey. He stressed that Ankara needed to respect the EU’s sovereignty, international law, and clarify its actions in places like Libya and Syria. “We Europeans are ready for dialogue, for the essential construction of a Pax Mediterranea. However, this should not be at the cost of intimidation, nor at the cost of survival of the fittest, but with respect for international law, cooperation, and respect among allies,” he said.

Turkey and France almost came to blows in June, after a French warship attempted to inspect a Turkish vessel, believed to be violating the UN arms embargo on Libya.
Macron accused Turkey of exporting jihadists to Libya, labelling Ankara’s intervention “criminal” in the North African state.