Egypt Sees Turkish Intervention in Libya as Threat to National Security


A member of the Defence and National Security Committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives, Ahmed al-Awadi, said that what is happening in Libya constitutes a grave threat to the Egyptian national security.

Al-Awadi stressed that Egypt is monitoring the situation in Libya with all seriousness and taking decisive measures to secure it and the Egyptian national security.

In statements to the Egyptian newspaper Sada El Balad on Thursday, he indicated that the presence of Turkish foreign intervention in Libya is a threat to the Egyptian national security. He pointed out that Libya is considered a strong extension of Egypt’s national security.

Al-Awadi stressed the need for a Libyan-Libyan consensus as the best way to end the crisis and solve it amicably without any foreign interference.

The member of the National Defence and Security Committee affirmed Egypt’s steadfast position, which is supporting the path of a political solution to the Libyan crisis, away from foreign interference and armed militias. He indicated that Egypt is not the only one that cares about this issue as there are many countries in the world topped by France. He said that France is striving hard to end the Turkish-Libyan differences and the interference of any foreign country in the affairs of another country that impedes its stability.