Egyptian Diplomat: Turkey’s Role in Libya Threatens Region


The former Egyptian Ambassador to Libya, Hany Khallaf, explained the importance of Cairo restoring its lines of communication with western Libya as shown by the recent visit of an Egyptian delegation to Tripoli on Sunday.

In his interview Khallaf said that there is a need for Cairo to communicate with politicians in Tripoli. “There is an Egyptian desire to move this matter, in light of the escalating Turkish presence,” he said. He also pointed out that Cairo wants to push the warring parties to reach a Libyan-led settlement to the crisis.

Khallaf pointed out that the Turkish intervention and written arrangements with the Government of National Accord (GNA) prompted Egypt to take this step.

Regarding the Turkish naval manoeuvres off the coast of Libya, he said “it has dangerous connotations that need to be followed up. Ankara announces through it that it is present and intends to stay in Libya, and this represents a danger to Egypt, Tunisia, and the North African region.”